Nuffnang: Maxis Hotlink CNY Ticket

Salam satu Blogger . Hari ini dapat satu lagi CPUV dari Nuffnang.
Kali ini dari iklan Maxis Hotlink CNY Ticket..

Aku pun tak gaham sangat apa itu hot ticket..hehhehhe
Walau apa pun thank you Nuffnang dan pihak penaja!!

Walau apapun aku berjaya cari jua..Yeahhh!!!

21 January 2011 – Hotlink introduces two special Hot Tickets in conjunction of the upcoming Chinese New Year festive season. The RM 30 Hot Tickets gives user 280 minutes of talk time and 1000 SMS with 15 days validity. On the other hand, the RM 20 Hot Ticket provides user 170 minutes of talk time and 500 SMS with 10 days validity. These Hot Tickets are applicable to all local mobile and fixed line networks.

On top of that, these CNY special Hot Tickets provide additional bonus credit, depending on the Hot Ticket purchased. Every purchase of RM 20 Hot Ticket will be rewarded with RM 20 bonus credit with 10 days validity and RM 30 Hot Ticket will be rewarded with RM 30 bonus credit with 15 days validity. The bonus credit will be given upon the activation of the respective CNY Hot Tickets and will be utilized once the minutes and SMS of the Hot Tickets have been extinguished. Any unused credit bonus will be forfeited and cannot be carried forward upon expiry.