Ramai usahawan internet telah mencuba Facebook Pages sebagai satu wacana meningkatkan jualan mereka. Dan ramai yang berjaya dan lagi ramaiiii yang tak berjaya..kikkkikiki.

Masalah utama facebook pages ini adalah sama dengan semua pengguna laman sosial iaitu mencari Likes.... atau bahasa pasar follower. Dan follower pula haruslah punyai minat dengan produk jualan anda...  Aku rasa inilah cabaran terbesar kerana merekalah pembeli anda!!!!

Walau bagaimanapun ada beberapa tips teknikal yang aku rasa berguna dalam artikel dibawah ini. Artikel ini ditulus oleh makwe lama aku Kristen atau aku selalu panggil Kiki.
Setelah clash ngan aku beliau hijrah ke US dan kini menjadi Manager Pemasaran Facebook. Jom kita baca 5 tips ini.

Before you start marketing on Facebook, think about your marketing goals. Do you want people to buy a t-shirt from your brick and mortar store?

Looking to help people discover your photography business for the first time? Or just purchase some of your custom jewelry online?Once you’ve set these goals you can use Facebook Pages to reach the audience you need to achieve them.

Here are the 5 things you need to do to get started.

1. Create a PagePages are what companies, non-profits, and public figures use for their presence on Facebook. It's free and fast to set one up and it creates an instant presence on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Facebook recentlyannounced a new, more streamlined look for Pages so it's easier for visitors to find what they're looking for about your business.

2. Invite People to ConnectIt's not about the number of people who like your Page, but that your business Page is connected with the right people. Invite friends who'll be interested in your Page, or upload your customer email list to send an email letting people know about your Facebook content. You can do all of this from the Build Audience section at the top of your Page.

3. Post Compelling ContentCompelling content can take many forms. Tell your story through product photos or share links to upcoming sales and relevant industry articles. Reach more of the people you care about by boosting your posts. You can also get inspiration from other businesses like yours here.

4. MeasureCheck out Page Insights to see what kind of people connect and engage with your Page. Is it mostly men? Women between the ages of 18 and 24? Do posts with photos perform better than text-only updates? You can answer these types of questions from the Insights tab at the top of your Page.

5. Download the Pages Manager AppIf you own a business you’re going to be busy.  If you find yourself away from the computer and need to make an update, the Pages Manager app can help you manage your Page on the go. You can publish content, edit your Page, boost posts, and view Page insights straight from your phone. Get it in the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.
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